Took part in a project called ‘Species’ where a number (a lot) of artists from all over the world had to create a piece dedicated to their favourite animal. This ‘animal’ had to sit within the exact form of the hosting company’s logo.
A number of pretty artworks have been created, you can take a look here:

And I obviously tried to fit cat stuff into this logo form, because cats are awesome and I enjoy working on detailed pieces.

My initial sketch for a London market themed illustration.
Magazine editor preferred the second version but I actually like this one more :) Would have looked pretty alright coloured in I thought.

Decided to share it.

An illustration I did for 1626 Magazine’s 9th anniversary. Theme - the joy of markets! London markets, to be more precise.
I wanted to show the atmosphere of any London market on a busy weekend morning - so much stuff to see and taste, what a treat.

Hi Guys!

Guess what - some of my original dotted inks are looking for a new home!
And a new owner - someone who likes weird-ish black and white ink on paper drawings.
Those are the recent skull drawing (A4) and two A5 ones featuring the diving octopus and a record player.

I will happily sign, pack and post straight away, with a secret drawing added to the parcel as a little thank-you from me ^_^

My newest traditional/digital painting.
Gouache + Photoshop. As you might have guessed, I’ve illustrated some members of my imaginary crew. ‘The Army of me’ I call it!

A drawing of the skull that took a while. It’s only A4 but using mostly 0.03 and 0.05 mm black ink pens requires loads os time and patience. A little bit of 4H pencil and grey Tombow marker have been used as well.

A quick poster design that will be featured in a short movie filmed in London later this month. The poster is for a fictional Epiphytes and Parasites exhibition. I don’t think the camera will zoom in enough to show the detail, but it was simply satisfying spending time on all the bugs and plants :)

A little tribute to Mathilda from Luc Besson’s Leon, which is a great movie indeed. Some character design practice for me. Digitally painted.

As promised - this is my latest watercolor painting. The Nuke Tree, I call it.
Also looks like a huge broccoli. Anyway.

Have not held a brush for a while, it felt great and satisfying. One should never underestimate the power of water-based paint. The set I’ve got the one by Windsor and Newton - highly recommend.

The Nuke Tree was painted on A3 mould-made paper. 

Hi all the anons.

Just to let people know: I am not the fan of anonymous messages, because there is no “answer privately” option when answering to those. I don’t mind private questions, but will not answer them if the reply has to go public, for a number of reasons. So please don’t take it personally if I don’t get back to someone (also some people get some kind of strange satisfaction from sending just one word or a syllable taken from some alien vocabulary, won’t be answered if not witty or entertaining).

Now gonna answer some of the stuffs that have been sittin’ in my inbox for a while.


1) Latest digital painting has been first sketched on paper, then scanned and redrawn in Photoshop using special pencil brushes.

2) Thank you for a compliment, am flattered!

3) Hi NYC, actually really wanna go there one day, have been thinking about that several years. Greetings from London!

4) If they commissioned them, yes.

5) It’s quite a vague ‘ask’, actually. I have always been told that my artwork styles vary (which I agree to, as I still haven’t found the defined one for myself, and don’t really worry about it at the mo), which makes it hard for me to put my work on the same shelf with someone else’s. If you define your question a bit more by telling me what styles you’re looking for (e.g.fine art, illustration, comics, character design, digital or traditional drawing/painting) I might be able to help :)

6) That’s very interesting, thank you! Had to look them up on youtube, as I couldn’t find any of their songs on Spotify (that’s what I use for my tunes).

7) That’s flattering, thanks for letting me know.

8) Hi Saffy, good luck with the course as I’m really glad to be out of educational system. ‘Don’t work and study at the same time’ is my advice, because that’s what I did and completing the 4-year course was challenging. Thanks for appreciation ^_^

9) Kevin, it’s still anon until you top it up with your personal detail.
I think it’s nice if you leave a name - then I don’t have the feeling I am talking to a faceless android. But still can’t figure it out whether your message was a discrete sarcasm or something closer to the surface.

10) Sure, might have time for similar requests in a parallel universe where I have free time, so anyone with similar requests please don’e be shy.

Sorry for a long post with no pictures, dearz, hopefully will be posting some watercolor stuff later tonight. M x